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Our team of React experts has years of experience building world-class applications, delivering over 15 projects from scratch. We prioritize transparency & personalized assistance in architecture, UI design, software development, & cloud services.

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Web Applications

We craft robust web apps with stunning UI/UX designs for user satisfaction and success.

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Native Applications

Specializing in Android, iOS, and Desktop, we create smart mobile apps that keep users engaged.

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Our team develops secure APIs and ETL solutions to connect and manage your data seamlessly.

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Cloud Solutions

We help you migrate or build cloud-based solutions for scalability, cost-efficiency, and accessibility

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Launch your high-quality MVP fast with our expert team. We specialize in modern web and mobile solutions using JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Remix, and AWS.

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From user-facing applications to powerful backends, we deliver web apps, mobile apps (Android & iOS), custom apps, APIs, and cloud infrastructure. 





















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Nyxidiom’s Streamlined Process Overview

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Consulting and Analysis

We conduct thorough business analysis to understand your needs and deliver customized digital solutions using advanced technologies

Development and Maintenance

We handle end-to-end project development and provide continuous support and maintenance services

Deploy and Manage Infrastructure

We architect and manage cloud infrastructure to facilitate seamless software deployment into production environments


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Case Studies

What We Built?

Online Marketplace Platform


Miistico, a leading portal for esoteric services, needed to scale their existing WordPress site.

Their goal was to create a dedicated platform ( built with React to handle the marketplace functionality for hiring professionals. This new marketplace needed to be:

  • Faster and more efficient: Improve user experience by significantly reducing page load times
  • Highly accessible: Ensure the platform is usable for everyone
  • Enhanced user experience: Provide a more intuitive and visually appealing experience compared to their existing solution
  • Streamlined functionality: Integrate essential features like video calling, session booking, and role-based access control directly into the platform
  • Cost-effective and scalable: Minimize server maintenance costs while ensuring scalability for future growth

The initial project, developed by another team over a year with WordPress, wasn’t meeting Miistico’s expectations. Page load times were slow, accessibility wasn’t a priority, and the overall user experience was lacking.

To expedite the process and achieve a higher-quality solution, we restarted development from scratch and completed the MVP within 4 months.


We used our expertise in React, Node.js, and cloud technologies (AWS) to build a performant and user-friendly platform. Here’s how we addressed Miistico’s needs:

  • Blazing-fast performance: We optimized the application to achieve a page load speed of 0.5 seconds, a dramatic improvement from the original 4 seconds
  • Perfect Accessibility: The platform scored perfectly in Lighthouse, ensuring usability for all users
  • Enhanced Design: We significantly improved the initial design provided by the client, creating a more engaging and visually appealing user experience
  • Integrated Functionality: We developed an in-house video call platform and session booking system, eliminating reliance on external services like Google Meet and Calendly. This also allowed for integration with professional’s Google Calendars
  • Role-based Access Control: Developed a system that displays relevant pages and information based on user profiles (administrator, professional, user), ensuring a tailored experience
  • Scalable Cloud Deployment: We deployed the platform on AWS for low server maintenance costs and high scalability, enabling Miistico to handle future growth efficiently. We also implemented full backup and security measures

The new React-based marketplace was a resounding success.

  • Quality Assurance: Achieved a perfect score in web analysis tools like Lighthouse, signifying exceptional performance and user experience
  • Sales Surge: The platform has led to a significant increase in sales and investment, enabling Miistico to expand into Latin America
Tech Stack
  • Frontend: React (JavaScript library for building user interfaces)
  • Backend: Node.js (JavaScript runtime environment for server-side development)
  • Cloud Infrastructure: AWS (Amazon Web Services) for deployment and scalability
  • Additional Technologies
    • Tailwind CSS (utility-first CSS framework) for rapid styling
    • WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) for in-house video calling
    • Stripe & PayPal (payment processing gateways)
    • Google Calendar API (integration with professional’s calendars)
    • Google Analytics (website traffic analysis and reporting)

This project exemplifies the power of React in building fast, scalable, and user-friendly web applications. Nyxidiom helped Miistico achieve its business goals and create a truly exceptional user experience by focusing on performance, design, integrated functionality, and secure infrastructure.

What We Built?

A modern shift management system for a medical clinic

  • To develop a new, user-friendly system for managing doctor shifts and clinic operations
  • The client wanted a system built from scratch as they lacked access to the old system’s source code
  • Developing a system that not only replicated the functionalities of the existing one but also incorporated new features desired by the client
  • The project also involved working without access to the original code, requiring a complete build from scratch

We created a suite of three interconnected applications:

  • Web Application: This application allows for viewing doctor schedules, and locating their floor and waiting room information.
  • Android Tablet Application: This app displays the real-time status of each doctor’s room. It plays advertising videos when unoccupied and facilitates patient turn-calling when a doctor is present.
  • Admin Dashboard: This central hub provides complete management capabilities for all functionalities within the system.

React, React Native, Tailwind CSS, Node.js, Express, TypeScript, SQLite, WebSockets, Remix.


The client received a robust and user-friendly system that not only replicated the functionalities of their previous system but also offered significant improvements:

  • The web application now includes a dedicated page for doctors to view available operating rooms.
  • Replaced cumbersome configuration file adjustments with a user-friendly login system for managing displayed data on the web application.
  • The system empowers administrators to sort, change videos displayed on tablets, and adjust tablet audio, all in real time.
  • The entire project was completed within a remarkable timeframe of just 2 months.
What We Built?

A sleek and user-friendly website for HydePenthouses


To create a visually appealing and informative website that effectively showcases Hyde Penthouses’ available rental properties. The website aims to streamline the rental search process for tenants, allowing them to easily browse listings, view property details, and initiate the checkout process.


The primary challenge was to effectively collaborate with other freelancers to ensure a cohesive design and functionality across the entire website. Coordination and integration of various components developed by different team members were critical to maintaining a consistent user experience.


The solution involved a collaborative development approach to build key sections of the Hyde Penthouses website:

  • Landing Page: We created a visually stunning introduction showcasing our luxurious rental properties, attracting potential tenants to explore further
  • Real Estate Listings: Our team designed a user-friendly interface with clear search filters and informative summaries, making it easy for tenants to efficiently browse available properties
  • Real Estate Details: We created in-depth information pages for each property, featuring high-quality photos, comprehensive descriptions, and key features to highlight the property’s appeal
  • Streamlined Checkout Process: We designed a secure system to simplify the rental application process for tenants

React, Remix, Node.js, Javascript, Typescript, Express, Docker, Sass, API integration


The collaborative development effort resulted in a seamless experience for potential tenants, allowing them to easily browse, research, and initiate the rental process for their dream property.

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